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Carpet Cleaning in Regina - 24/7 Emergency Services


Alpine Carpet Care also offers 24/7 carpet cleaning in Regina for emergency cleaning services for homes and businesses in Regina, Saskatchewan. If you have a cleaning issue that’s disrupting your business or daily lifestyle, give us a call and we’ll come out as soon as possible.

We also specialize in 24/7 emergency flood cleaning services. If your home has experienced flood damage, we remove excess water from basements and other rooms, clean up sewer backup and debris, and provide cleaning for carpets and furniture. When heavy rains affect your home or business, Alpine Carpet Care in Regina takes action, helping you recover as quickly as possible. We understand that with flood clean up, time is of the essence—our staff will accommodate your needs quickly. We also have specialized sanitizing products to ensure your floors, furniture, and carpets are free of harmful bacteria.

If the carpet in your living room, bedroom, hallway, and/or basement are soaked due to flooding or plumbing leaks, Alpine Carpet Care in Regina provides fan and de-humidifier rentals for emergency use. We have them available to take home immediately so you can begin drying your carpets and prevent mold, mildew, and other problems that could result from excess moisture. Our location has several units available to rent out to several customers at a time so you won’t have to wait or look elsewhere. Contact us right away if you require our rental service.

Call us any time if you need emergency clean up services.

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